The Innovation Framework

Organize Your Team with RASCI

Let’s set the stage. A project has, unfortunately, gone off the rails. Too many people are focused on the same tasks causing infighting and inertia. And yet, at the same time, critical deliverables are falling through the cracks because there’s a lack of ownership. And no one is quite sure who has final sign-off because multiple stakeholders are offering conflicting feedback. Does this sound familiar?

Well, when we diagnose what’s gone wrong, it’s a lack of clarity on who is doing what. And if you use the RASCI method, which provides clear roles and responsibilities, you can prevent this from happening.

In this video, I explain what RASCI is and share the technique. And to learn more about RASCI, please check out RASCI 101: How to Move from Chaos to Order.

Amber Bezahler

B-school Meets D-School

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